Loyalty Over Everything 

So my Fiancé sent me a post about what “Loyal Men” deserve. Now I wasn’t offended but in some way curious. Well, what do Men who aren’t loyal, yet in a relationship deserve? And I asked him just that. 

Well here are my questions…

Has loyalty in a relationship ever been optional? Is loyalty a bonus or a requirement? Do Men or hell anyone for that matter deserve a praise or pat on the back for remaining loyal in a relationship? 

Isn’t that what each and every one of us agreed to when we decided to change our relationship status to “taken”. I don’t know what makes people think that their partners should take special notice or provide special treatment solely because they have been faithful. I mean hello!  Is that not the definition of a union? 

Now I know my fiancé did not make this meme so I gave him the benefit of the doubt when giving him my opinion. I believe this meme came from the need of validation within our generation. Too often do we look for a pat on the back, a reward, or special recognition merely for doing what’s expected of us. 

SPECIAL TREATMENT because I love you, HONOR because you work hard to make our house a home and PRAISE for being the best you that you promised to be is what you deserve. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

Xoxo. Stay beautiful. 

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