You know the feeling. It’s 2pm and you have yet to cross off one thing from Sunday’s To-Do list. You planned to clean all day and there you are sprawled across the sofa, watching the kids destroy the house. You planned to cook a nice meal and maybe even do a little meal prepping for the week, but the chicken is still frozen in the kitchen sink because you just took it out at 1:30. And then there’s laundry. Oh. My. Goodness. 

This is when I begin to bargain. 

At least the kids have eaten breakfast and lunch. They’re having a great time throwing the couch pillows and knocking over every picture frame in the family room. Who am I to be the party pooper!? I’ll just clean up once they are in bed for the night (yeah, right). And you know what, I can grab school clothes in the morning. Just for one day. I’ll start fresh Monday night and organize the clothes for the rest of the week, just like I planned to do today. No biggie. 

If you ask me, I say do what YOU want to do on Sundays. If you are freakishly organized with tons of self discipline, you go girl. Clean that entire house. Cross off that entire to-do list, and toss it in the trash bin just as you’re on your way out the door to empty it for the week. Have the kids in bed by 7pm, take a long hot bath, and catch up on your blogging. 

But if you’re anything like me:

 Lay there on that couch. 

Think of all the things you thought you’d do today. 

Pick the most important things and get to them whenever your heart desires. 

Ball up that to-do list just for the hell of it. 

And enjoy your Sun-“daze”.

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